To get the most out of our experiment we benefit greatly by collaborating with experienced people, therefore we are collaborating with the following:

Prof. B. P. Kokelaar, one of the leading authors in research in granular avalanches and their runout behaviour.

Dr. S. de Vet, specialized in planetary geomorphology and FYT alumnus and multiple times SYT advisor/supervisor.

Dr. E. Falcon, is selected as our ELGRA mentor and has executed experimental studies on nonlinear physics, wave turbulence, fluid mechanics and granular media.

Dr. J. Boomgaard, lecturer at Gerrit Rietveld Academy and head of master programme Artistic Research at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Also, what started out as part of our outreach project we are collaborating with an artist, Anna Gray. More about her and her contribution below:

The art of science

Since our team is interested in the grey area between science and art, we were interested in collaborating with an artist. Anna Gray, a graduated art student, has offered to cooperate with our experiment. Anna obtained her bachelor’s degree at the glass department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and subsequently her master’s at the department of ceramics and glass at the Royal College of Art in London, United Kingdom. Her contribution to this project will be partly in the investigation of the similarities and differences between art and science research, and she will produce an art piece relating to the avalanche experiment. Anna is a good match with this project, since she has mainly been dedicating her art practice to the extraordinary complexity and beauty of science. She participated in the Lumen residency 2017 in Atina, Italy, which focuses on themes of astronomy and light and the dialogue about how humanity understands existence.

A word from the artist

Science and biology have always been a great inspiration in my art work. My work are sculptures and installations, often consisting of glass. The material glass helps me to translate my never ending curiosity of topics in science. When I heard about the research question of the Avalanche team I got instantly excited and inspired to make an art work which reflects on the question regarding the influence of the gravity on particle dynamics. I noticed a lot of similarity between the research question and my work, especially the interstice of particles. The sculptures I have made in the last year explore the space they occupy , the inside of the glass sculpture turns inward taking away it’s own void. Where the Avalanche team aims at discovering particle physics, my intend is to create new vantage points and let art and science collide.


‘I n t e r s t i c e #5’ 2017