We got interviewed about our project and our workplace at Science Park, for Folia (in Dutch). Check here.


A nice article was published on Astronomie.nl (in Dutch). Check here.


Check out this article on the website of our university, announcing our participation in the campaign.


Last week we were at the European space Security and Education Centre at Redu in Belgium for the gravity-related experiments training week of ESA Education. Four full days were organised during which we met the other teams participating in the Spin, Drop and Fly Your Thesis! 2018 campaign. Besides us there was another team selected to execute their experiment in the Large Diameter Centrifuge (LDC), the Bristol Bone Biologists. All teams have quite different backgrounds, so it was interesting to hear about their projects.

Besides several lectures from former participants, LDC experts, ESA researchers and even an astronaut, we got the chance to follow workshops like System Engineering, Outreach, Automation, Project and Risk Management, and CAD (modelling of a 3D structure). We also got to visit the Euro Space Center, where we could experience a walk on the Moon.

We are more confident since we obtained skills needed to resume the preparation of our experiment, and had a great week overall. Read more here.


We are selected for the Spin Your Thesis! 2018 programme! Read more here.